Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A new direction

*insert cliché picture here of anything relating to the title* Ladies and gentleman, a picture I took in NY in February.

Hello everyone!

This isn't another post about a certain male's departure from a rather popular band. This is just me waving a friendly hello and apologising to you publicly for being awful at maintaining my corner of the internet over the last few months.

I'm in my final year of university at the moment and everything is going far too quick - Father Time is definitely not on my side right now. For my university final project, I am creating my own magazine aimed at 20-something women about feminism, sex, mental health, personal experiences, interviews with empowering women, body image and growing up - aptly named Bloom (or not aptly if you were expecting a flower mag, soz.)

As I'm writing constantly for the magazine, I wanted to share some of the pieces I've been doing along the way. However, many of the pieces will be unlike my usual fashion/lifestyle blog posts. They'll be a bit more gritty and hopefully leave you thinking about something more than "ooh, that was a nice dress in Shannon's wishlist."

I can't promise I'll post consistently as sometimes life gets in the way and shits on your plans, but I will try my very best. And hopefully, you will all enjoy the new direction my blog will be heading in.

Thanks for sticking by me even when I neglected you.

Shannon xx

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