Thursday, 16 October 2014

#Tweet4atable with The Co-Operative: Newcastle

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely team over at Co-Op's #Tweet4atable campaign, who told me that myself and a guest were invited for a slap-up meal in Newcastle courtesy of them. Obviously, me and Aaron (the boyf) were pretty darn excited at the concept of a free meal (don't judge us, we're students), so off we went on our merry little way to Newcastle, where we found a fabulous looking pop-up restaurant in the middle of Grainger Street - as you do.  

We were greeted by a collection of friendly, overly-happy staff and were sat down at these adorable little picnic tables, where we were told that everything we were about to have was all available to buy at Co-Op - snazzy eh? Everything right down to the sauces and the fizzy drinks. 

I went for the cloudy lemonade whilst Aaron had a cherryade - and can I just say how bloody nice it is to have cloudy lemonade in a restaurant?! Why don't more restaurants do cloudy lemonade? Please take note, Mr/Mrs Restaurant people reading this.

To our surprise, the waitress swiftly followed our drinks with a rather large helping of nachos with a mahoooosive dollop of everything needed to achieve nacho perfection. Needless to say, they didn't last long. 

After our surprise batch of nachos for starter, we both opted for "Pulled Pork Pile Ups" with BBQ pulled pork, Gruyere cheese and American coleslaw, mmmm. I also added a side of spring onion fries too, because as a girl (me) who tries to defend the fact she's putting on weight would say - "YOLO!"

All in all, the meal was pretty damn good to say it all came from the shelves of the local supermarket! I think the #Tweet4atable campaign is a fab idea, because let's be honest - who the hell would say no to a free meal?! (Not me that's for sure!) 

Unfortunately, the #Tweet4atable pop-up restaurant has packed up shop and won't be back until next year now, but on the plus side, all the ingredients are in your local Co-Op all year around! YAY.

Have you heard about the #Tweet4atable scheme before?
Let me know!

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  1. I'd heard all about this when it was in Leeds, then forgot all about it until I saw it appear in Newcastle - unfortunately it was a day when I was in Miller and Carter stuffing my face with steak so there was no way I could have fit anything else in! I did pick up a free brownie for later though ;)

    Chloe x

  2. Hi! I love reading your blog so i've added a link to your blog on my blogroll! Take a look, perhaps you could add me to yours? xxx

    Btw my most recent blog post is about self-confidence and bullying - check it out? I did a post before that about the evolution of fashion, you might find it interesting! xxx