Friday, 1 August 2014

A weekend in London & Hyper Japan!

Last weekend I headed to London Town with two of my best friends, Jarran and Lewis. We had booked a Saturday day ticket for Hyper Japan, a huge Japanese culture/fashion/cosplay/gaming/everything-else-Japanese event at Earls Court exhibition centre. (If you're still unsure, see their website here or just look at all my pics below!) 

We had a fab couple of days, so I thought I'd share all of the pictures I'd taken over the weekend - although, I must forewarn you, this is going to be an extremely picture heavy post!

We arrived in London super early on Saturday morning and decided that it would be the perfect time to eat at The Breakfast Club, without having to wait in the hideously long queues. 

We headed to The Breakfast Club in Soho and I had the Eggs Benedict. (FYI, it was AMAZING)

We then caught the tube towards Earls Court and followed a herd of caped cosplayers towards the event at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre. 

How bloody cute is the giant plushy Chopper?! I wanted to take it home with me!

I was in awe of all the lolita dresses and have decided that I will be dressing up next time I go!

We made sure we did plenty of tasting sessions at the Japanese cocktail bar.. oops.

The takoyaki stall was super cute and it actually looked pretty good too, but I couldn't bring myself to eat octopus - I can't deal with the texture of it!


I REALLY wanted one of these alpaca's. They were being sold on pretty much every stall and were just the bloody cutest fluffy little things I have ever seen!

Despite the stalls being quite pricey, the products available were amazing! Check out the wigs... (oh and more mini alpaca's, cuuuuute!)

Ninja Hiroki graced us with his (abs) presence on stage and did a pretty impressive Japanese martial arts performance too!

We then toddled over to the Moshi Moshi Nippon HYPER KAWAII stage for the lolita fashion show (which I had been looking forward to the most) and it definitely didn't disappoint! The outfits were AMAZING.

How beautiful do they all look?!

We then spent the rest of the convention mooching around the stalls, eating Onigiri, drinking Sake and generally being in awe of all of the amazing outfits!


 After leaving Hyper Japan, we headed back to the hotel to get ready to go to the after-party at Namco Funscape (AKA the coolest venue in the world) for a night of drinks, dancing, arcade games and plenty of J-pop. 

Broken Doll were my favourite band of the evening hands down! 

Once the after-party had finished, we came out of the event (which was just next to the London Eye) to get one of the most amazing views walking back over the bridge. 

We then spent the Sunday exploring so many parts of London! We spent a good few hours walking around Camden and had a jug of Pimmps on a cute little rooftop bar and we even managed to fit in a cheeky trip to Shake Shack in Covent Garden, yum!

Hope you enjoyed this super long post guys!

Have you ever been to a convention?
Where's your favourite place to go in London? (I'm a Camden gal at heart!)

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  1. Looks like an awesome time! I'd love to go to Hyper Japan, just to look at everything. I think last year my bf and I stumbled across a comic book convention in Brussels but it was quite small and quiet. Nothing quite as big as this.

    ~ K

    1. It was pretty huge! I'd defo recommend going, it's an experience! xxx

  2. My friend went to Japan and on her Honeymoon and she loved it so much she's now obsessed with Japanese culture, I need to tell her about this, she'd love it! x

    1. Oh wow, I'd love to go to Japan for real one day! She'd love this I'm sure! xxx

  3. Oh wow this looks so fun! A friend of mine would love this, definitely going to mention it to her :D
    Hope you had a good time :)

    1. It was fab - I really enjoyed it thank you! Yeah, definitely tell her :) xxx