Tuesday, 22 July 2014

An Instagram/Life Update inc. The Color Run

Me, my boyfriend Aaron and our friend Ganesh at the Color Run / Photobooth memories with Abby / A cheeky visit to Krispy Kreme /
Chiquito's pulled pork wrap and sweet potato fries, mm! / Me wearing a sombrero / The Color Run aftermath! / 
Me and Abby raring to go / My handmade elephant necklace / I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME / 
We made home-made ice-creams, yum! / Abby's Ariel-esque hair / Our first official selfie after meeting for the first time!

Hey guys, I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine that has finally made an appearance after weeks of hiding! I thought that I'd do a little bit of an update post seeing as I haven't posted for a while. I've been surprisingly busy so far this summer and have done some pretty cool things!

Firstly, I managed to get a seven week internship at Sunderland's main (and best) radio station, 103.4 Sun Fm - so I'm pretty darn excited to get started with that in August. One of my main responsibilities will be organising the annual Sun Fm Style Awards, which is both exciting and terrifying!

More recently, my friend Abby came up to Sunderland for the week to see me. We've known each other for around 8 years and have spoke online pretty much everyday since. So, after 8 long years we finally got to meet for the first time last Thursday! We ended up going to a blogger event organised by the lovely Kayleigh at Scout Vintage in Sunderland. Abby ended up getting her hair done all Ariel-esque by the lovely girls from The Black Door Hairdressing and also got her make-up done all pin-uppy (I'm just creating words here) by Tamzin Cummings. 

Another great day worth mentioning was Sunday. We did the Color Run around the Stadium of Light and it was UH-MAY-ZING. The course was only 5k and it was the best bit of exercise I've ever done! We ended up rolling through the paint at each colour station and ended the run with some swift booty wiggles and fist-pumping at the huge after party. Needless to say, we all looked like sweaty multicoloured rainbows, and a post-run McDonald's was definitely needed.

Unfortunately, Abby has to go home in a few days (sad face!) but this coming weekend (26-27) I will also be going home, to catch a train to London with two of my friends to go to the Hyper Japan event at Earls Court. I am so excited but I fear my bank balance may take a hit when I see all the pretty things on display. When I return back from London, it's then my birthday on July 30, so I've got lots of things coming up to look forward to - hoorah!

How's your Summer going so far?
Have you done the Color Run yet? Are any of you going to Hyper Japan?!

Let me know! 

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  1. Great photographs! I was really keen on doing the Colour Run this year but I left it too late, I saw loads of photos though and it looked so much fun! also nice to meet a fellow northerner :D


    1. It was amazing! I'd definitely recommend it. Thanks for commenting! xxx

  2. Glad you enjoyed it honey! Thanks for coming, Abby's hair looked amazing! xx

    1. It was fab Kayleigh, you did a great job! It really did, she looked so lovely! xxx

    2. Thank you! I enjoyed it so much, and I loved my hair :) x