Sunday, 26 January 2014

Geeky Gym Wear

As you may already know from reading my previous post on my New Years Resolutions, I am on a mission this year to "lose the tub" and exercise as frequently as possible.

As a Fashion Journalism student and human of the female variety, I've always felt the need to have "pretty" gym wear, as it (in my opinion) helps motivate me to go to the gym - hell, even my water bottle is pastel pink!

So, after seeing a few motivational Disney gym shirts doing the rounds on Instagram, I decided to scout the internet to find some. After a brief search on Google, I came across multiple websites and Etsy stores selling all sorts of motivational slogan shirts and these were my favourites:

I absolutely love all of these and if I could afford all six, I would have them all! My favourites however, have to be the Namaste tank and the 'DOGE' one - who can resist a bit of the doge meme?

Which one is your favourite?


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1 comment:

  1. Love that Beast tank! I seriously need to do some exercise, and I think I would feel far more inclined to in that! x