Monday, 11 November 2013

Festive Fashion

As you're probably all aware by now, all of the Christmas adverts have started flooding onto our TVs, including the likes of M&S, John Lewis and the advert that always gets me into the Christmas spirit - the Coca Cola ad. There's something about it that just makes me feel all magical and fuzzy inside. 

So, with my Christmas spirit in full swing, I decided to make up a few outfit posts that I'd love to wear on Christmas Day (in an ideal world). However, a student budget would never allow for three new Christmas outfits, so we'll aptly name this a festive fashion "wishlist".

The following look is something I created to wear for the likes of Christmas eve and Christmas morning:

(I must forewarn you that this is not the last pug inspired item in this blog post)

As you can probably tell - on Christmas morning, any fashion sense I once had gets thrown out of the window and I always make sure I'm wearing the most Christmassy pyjamas I can get my hands on! If you've ever seen the Christmas movie Elf (if not, WHY?) then you will recognise the saying on this top straight away. I came across a link to the item on Twitter through Becky Bedbug and loved it. Who can deny a good old Elf quote? 

I then decided that if I were to get the top, I would team it with some festive fluffy socks and pug slippers - naturally. I know this outfit isn't exactly the epitome of style - but I love it.

Moving on. So, it's getting to that point on Christmas day where you want to use your new curlers and get ready for your family coming round for Christmas dinner - so you dash upstairs to get ready:

I told you there'd be more pug stuff didn't I? 

I'm going to be honest, I've never really been one for colour and I like to stick to darker colours during the winter, so this outfit is very "me". I thought the red M&S skirt would add a bit of colour to the outfit, and also add a bit of Christmas cheer. I also thought the glitter socks would add to the magic and look good peeking over the top of the chelsea boots.

So, after I've eaten my Christmas dinner and played various family games that come out of the "untouched" cupboard annually - I'm probably about ready for an alcoholic beverage (wine o'clock!) and as aforementioned, in an ideal world, this is what I would wear. However, I don't think the following outfit would be deemed acceptable in one of my local Yorkshire pubs, but would be in a swanky London bar...  maybe one day.

Staying within the Christmas theme, I couldn't resist this fab light up jumper for New Look. When thinking about what to pair the jumper with, I remember seeing a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing a PVC skirt and admiring how good she looked in it, so I had to pop this candyfloss coloured beauty on the wishlist. I then decided to pair the outfit with a simple pair of white heeled sandals to add to the delicate pastel colours within the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed reading this festive post.
What are you planning on wearing this Christmas?

Shan x


  1. Aw I love all the outfits especially the jumper that lights up wow!

    1. Thank you. Eeek, I know - it's so pretty! xx

  2. Such cute xmas outfits but the last one is my fav, I would so wear it x