Wednesday, 27 November 2013

BHS: Christmas Comes To Life

From the one million pounds John Lewis advert inspired by Disney animations and a swift gingerbread performance of Disney's “Be our guest” in the Morrisons ad - it's clear that there's a slight theme running through this years Christmas adverts.

And the BHS Christmas ad is not one to be missed if you're a fellow Disney fanatic. The advert seems to be inspired by one of my favourite Disney Pixar films, Toy Story: where they use stop motion animation to bring the BHS Christmas gifts to life.

The Christmas gifts are all given their own little accents which puts a cute spin on the advert, even if a wee bit stereotypical. Little Miss Chatterbox has an Essex accent and even gets down with the modern lingo, telling Mr Grumpy he's “well jel”, the wind-up drunkard has an Irish accent and lets a gigantic burp out after downing the red wine he is seemingly bathing in, and finally, the little chilli pots wearing sombreros have seemingly appropriate Mexican accents as they spin around screaming “areeba, areeba”.

The advert also features a rather flirty tube of love heart sweets who seems to “want a bit” of the shabby chic red owl leading the adventure to ride the roller-coaster (which is the escalator, as Mr Grumpy bluntly points out.) The retro German racers are then seen to save the day as the “roller coaster” needs switching on so the gifts can ride it.

I love the fact that BHS uses a good range of gifts for everyone. My personal favourites being the retro radio, the giant pig slipper and the retro themed Heinz and Coca Cola gifts featured.

This is now officially my favourite Christmas ad, I love that BHS have not gone for the traditional “tug-at-the-heartstrings” kind of advert, because lets face it, we don't have any tears left after watching the likes of the John Lewis, Tesco and Sainsbury's ads. So, it's a breath of fresh air to see that BHS have used a light-hearted theme in their Christmas ad – one that puts a smile on the face rather than tears in the eyes.

Watch the new BHS Christmas ad below:

What do you think?
What's your favourite Christmas ad so far?

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- Despite this being a sponsor, this is actually my new favourite Christmas advert. IT IS TOO CUTE.

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