Thursday, 18 July 2013

Picnic envy and pretty planes

Picnic photos from weheartit

Okay. I don't know if it's just me but all I seem to be seeing within the bloggersphere recently is bloggers having perfect little picnics in the woods, at the beach, or even at their local park. And believe me, I am getting serious picnic envy. I really want to just get a cute vintage basket and fill it with fresh strawberries, fruit scones, clotted cream, dainty little sandwiches, pink lemonade, paper straws and those cute jar glasses everyone seems to be using nowadays, then head to the beach.

Now the issue is: my boyfriend is currently about 200 miles away (long distance sucks) and since I'm back at home during the university break, the majority of my friends are boys here - so the chances of me having a cute little picnic are zero to none.

And guess what else? I'm missing the perfect picnic opportunity next week by being on holiday!

Sunderland Live, the company I intern with, are hosting the 25th Sunderland International Airshow on the 26-28th of July. It's the largest free airshow in Europe would you believe? And 1.2 million lovely people pile in to the city every year to watch all of the pretty planes in the air, from both Roker and Seaburn beaches.

But if you're like me and don't really like crowds (especially hot sweaty ones) surrounding you, Sunderland Live have come up with a VIP plan to ensure your picnic sandwiches don't get trod on! And lets admit, who doesn't like having the title VIP? The plan includes snug retro pinstriped deckchairs with a sea view, exclusive toilet facilities (posh, I know) and a private bar - no waiting for alcohol, HOO-RAH.

The deckchairs at the last Sunderland Live event

 Seaburn beach

Yay for pretty planes

VIP packages cost £10 per person or £30 for a family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) - which is not really much to ask for when it allows you a private bar, a peaceful tinkle, pretty views and a 40s style deckchair. Oh, and space for a lovely Instagram-worthy picnic!

Other optional upgrades (which are a bit pricier, but very worth it) include informal comfort in the Spitfire Lounge (£60.00pp) or the luxurious Lynx Lounge (£100pp) where you'll be wined and dined all day long. To purchase tickets and have a picnic without me, visit or for more information visit