Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunderland Live's Vintage & Retro Festival Weekend

Day one: If you hadn't already heard about the Vintage & Retro Fest from my previous posts or constant tweets of excitement - the festival was held by Sunderland Live and Daisy Green Magazine at the Museum & Winter Gardens, Sunderland - with an aim to provide the public with a true taste of vintage fun, including Serendipity Tea & Trinkets afternoon tea, a vintage-themed fashion show, the "moon booth" photobooth and a vintage market bursting with lots of pretty vintage & retro goodies!

Have a cheeky gander at the Luxulite Etsy Shop if you fancy...

Love Is Vintage designs hand-made bouquets with all kinds of pretty vintage-inspired things such as brooches and buttons - if you're getting married, they're so beautiful and you can keep them forever!

One of my favourite places in the entire world: Serendipity Tea & Trinkets, moved shop for the day and came along to the Winter Gardens with all their lovely crockery and knitted tea cosies, to serve the people of Sunderland the most perfect Afternoon Tea (I'm not lying, it really is perfect.) The Afernoon Tea was accompanied with a fantastic performance from the lovely ladies at Scarlet Street (who I managed to get a sneaky pic of during soundcheck) and a vintage-themed fashion show.

Mowbray Park also played host to the Vintage & Retro fun, with an array of colourful deckchairs set out across the grass facing the bandstand - where bands such as The Revolutionaires had quite literally hundreds of people up on their feet jiving, can you believe? Need evidence? Check our Vine video here or picture evidence below..

The park also had two confectioner's which proved to be very popular - with the Volkswagen Campervan selling coffee and the old school red classic car providing a Pick 'n' Mix

Just popping a cheeky selfie in the sunshine in, oops!

The Wearside Wanderers Scooter Club were also in Mowbray Park showing off their pretty scooters!

Day two: After a lovely sunny Saturday at the Winter Gardens and Mowbray Park, all the vintage-y goodness continued into Roker Park on the Sunday. The park played host to a wide variety of beautiful classic cars from era's your Gran wouldn't even remember! 

The Wearside Wanderers also returned for the second day on the trot, showing off their beautiful scooters and of course, being the only effortlessly cool scooter squad in the park. 

I'm in love with this Lambretta.

There was also live music on the bandstand from The Magic Beings and The Heartbeats - who were both fantastic to have a little booty wiggle to!

All in all, the Sunderland Live Vintage & Retro Festival was a huge success and I'm already planning my outfit for next year - inspired by some of the impressive outfits I've seen this time around:

Phew, nearly done...

Thank you for reading - if you survived this far: you're my hero.

If you want to be updated on future Sunderland Live events follow their twitter: @SunderlandLive