Saturday, 4 May 2013

Five favourite blogs.

It's day four of the Rosalilium: Blog every day in May challenge and the topic is "favourite blogs".

1. A Modern Minute - This is run by the lovely Amy and everything from her layout to photography is amazing. Not to mention her style.

2. Arabella - Arabella's blog has been a strong favourite for a good couple of years. Her outfit posts are unreal and I now want to name my future child (if I have one) Arabella - in hope she'll turn out just as beautiful!

3. Amy Babyface - Amy's style is impeccable, she has lush hair, her posts are always interesting and ahhh... her blog is amazing.

4. Gem Fatale - I've been a Gem Fatale fangirl for quite some time now, and followed her get her job at Company Magazine through the powers of blogging. She is a very inspirational lady and if I'm half as successful as her 'when I grow up' - I'd be very content!

5. Good Golly Miss Hollie - Another lovely lady I've been following since the beginning is Hollie, a fellow Yorkshirian. Everything she posts from beauty to lifestyle is so down-to-earth and her personality shines through in her writing. She is also studying Journalism like me and hopefully one day I'll get to work with her!

Honestly, check all of these out. Words can't explain how good these girls are.


  1. Still buzzing about this! Thanks so much :)

    Amy xx

  2. Thanks for these - will have a look at these tonight!

    1. No problem! They're all amazing blogs. xx