Friday, 3 May 2013

A day in the life

A bit of a boring one today guys (sorry)

Today has been a day full of essays, Dominos pizza and excitement. After finishing a long-winded and boring essay on how social networking technologies have affected communications - not too bad of a subject - but boring nevertheless. My lovely boyfriend decided we needed a whole load of Dominos for brain food, so half an hour after ordering, up turned this wonderful amount of pizza:

After eating as much as I possibly could, I was ready to continue my essay.

And guess what? I HAVE FINISHED.

So now, I have the lovely bank holiday weekend to look forward to in my not-so lovely hometown of Doncaster. (Sorry Doncasterians, it's not paradise, but it is home)

This bank holiday Sunday, I'm going to York for a "day session" of food and cocktails, then I will be returning home for a night-out, with my best friend Becky.

And honestly, I can't wait.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and your day will hopefully have been a lot more fun than mine.

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