Thursday, 18 April 2013

The *TeaShed pop-up launch at Fenwicks Newcastle

Okay, so tonight (18/04/13) myself, Amy and Katy went along to the new launch of The *TeaShed. Literally, I have never seen a little stall as cute as this - quite literally my cup of tea. See what I did?

"The *TeaShed is a design-led tea company, born and brewed in Britain!
We are located in the land of Newcy Brown Ale and Black and White Stripes (Newcastle!) and also home to an exciting new tea brand... us!"

We headed over to Fenwicks for the event starting at 5pm and was greeted with a sample of their many flavours of tea - I had Guanabana tea first which had a banana flavour to it. The event then followed with lots and lots of offerings of adorable little cakes, scones and not to mention more tea and even Prosecco! Which may I add, was all soooo good. 

We also were able to taste The *TeaShed's passion fruit iced tea which had jelly balls in which can only be described as biting into a bubble.. must be tried to be believed.

After the event, we spoke to the Food Hall Manager, who told us that the pop-up stall will be in Fenwicks Food Hall for 3 months. Herself and a lot of the guests at the launch were discussing how The *TeaShed was such a good idea, and its true, we have a lot of coffee shops around Britain, but as a country we are seriously lacking in tea shops - but not anymore.

As a business, I can see The *TeaShed going very far, the company has got the taste of the tea right through to the fab decoration down to a T. Thumbs up from me!

Here are a few pictures from the event:

The drinks on offer at the pop-up *TeaShed

Little condiments in test tubes. How cute?


Weird jelly balls - think bubble tea.

Local designers artwork.

Fake grass to complete the garden setting. CUTE.

We were also, so kindly given a goody bag at the end of the event which had a sample of both Assam and Chai tea, some emergency teabags, a macaroon and coconut water!

We then ended the evening by having a gander in Urban Outfitters' student event where they were giving away free pints of beer and cider - they know us students too well.. Oh and there was also a photobooth where we took some silly photos with silly props - we are grown-ups, honest.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post and if you are in Fenwicks, pop in and have a lovely cuppa at The *TeaShed. You can even take-away if you're in a hurry.

Ciao. x


  1. I work in Fenwicks so I don't think ill be able to resist the urge of going to the teashed that long! Pleased you had a good night xx

    1. Honestly, it was so lovely. Definitely try the scones, I think I went a little overboard on the fact they were free hehe. Thankyou xx