Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunderland Live's Feel Good Festival: Museum & Winter Gardens Part 3/3

WARNING: Picture heavy post

Last but not least, myself and the blogging ladies headed to the final destination for Sunderland Live's Feel Good Festival: the Museum & Winter Gardens for "The Beauty Zone" - featuring various stalls to make the people of Sunderland feel good about themselves.

Not only did the Museum & Winter Gardens play host to the various health & beauty stalls but there was a lot of fun to be had here! As the Big Mini Fun Run's had been going on within the city, Sunderland Live decided to get some fun things for the kids too (and maybe, just maybe me and the girls might have joined in a little bit). 

Art for Eternity Tattooing from Hartlepool came along to the event and were doing temporary tattoos on the day. However, the company is one of many talents and were doing other activities such as balloon-modelling and face-painting. LOOK!

Amy & Libby then got temporary tattoos (we're all children at heart)

Other crafty things going on within the museum were fashion students Emma and Ryan from Sunderland Uni helping out with T-Shirt decorating.

There were some great beauty companies at the event too, including:

(Katy was a little bit scared of the needles)

The final half an hour inside the museum lead us to hairdresser Rachel Ryan from JP Hair in Sunderland. This lady was honestly unreal at hairdressing and her "bow updo" became very popular across the event. 

How amazing is that?!

I hope you enjoyed reading.

This is the final post on the Sunderland Live Feel Good Festival but if you keep your eyes peeled, I shall be posting about the Marathon of the North's "Pasta Party" held in Mowbray Park.


  1. It was such a great day :D love how you split this up, there certainly was loads to write about :P xxx

    1. It was, enjoyed meeting you! Haha tell me about it, so many photos! xxx

  2. Aw my classmates Ryan and Emma look so cute in your pictures! I would have been there with them but I was at work :( Great to see a blog by a fellow Sunderlander! x

    1. They were lovely! Thank you for reading, means a lot :)