Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunderland Live's Feel Good Festival: The Minster Part 2/3

Carrying on from my previous post, myself and the blogging ladies toddled along to the Sunderland Minster run by the enthusiastic and friendliest priest you will ever meet - Reverend Martin Anderson - to check out the things on offer concerning relaxation and let me tell you now - we were all more than relaxed by the end of our couple of hours in The Zen Zone (the Minster got re-named for the day)

We were greeted by the lovely Liz from Inspire Holistics who specialises in a treatment called Reiki. 

The Reiki treatment focused on Liz using her hands around different parts of the body to read each of our energies (we were all fully clothed, don't worry). The Reiki treatment proved to be very useful and shocked quite a few of us blogger girls! Katy and Amy were both shocked that Liz was able to read their energies in reference to things going off in their life recently. 

 The lovely Liz from Inspire Holistics and Alice - maker of the "Inspired by Reiki" jewellery

Katy's shock at Liz being able to read her energy levels

Some of the girls then headed over to the lovely ladies at Totally Tranquil where they were giving taster massages to passers-by. Katy of LadyMuk was also there giving free taster reflexology sessions - another treatment new to me. Reflexology involves the act of applying pressure to different areas of the feet to read various parts of the body - strange right? Honestly, my mind was blown.

 Lavender Bee- a company providing aromatherapy products for both parents and children were also at the Minster - they coincided with events going on, as baby massage and yoga classes were happening throughout the day at the Minster.

The Minster also played host to other health and fitness businesses such as the lovely Gemma Jay from Femme Fitale Fitness. Gemma Jay's business looks at helping people overcome their misperceptions of themselves - whether that be body image, weight or lack of confidence. To do this, Gemma Jay uses a range of mindset techniques as well as exercise and nutritional tips within her classes.

Mitchy Titch were also at the Minster doing Baby yoga!

Overall, the Minster was the quietest of the venues but I believe it completed the whole relaxed setting and the businesses there were lovely. The treatments were free of charge on the day and have definitely made me want to go back to the actual companies in future for a treatment or class to make me FEEL GOOD (cliché, I know.)

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