Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunderland Live's Feel Good Festival: The Bridges Part 1/3

Okay, so as you may or may not know, this weekend has been a very big one for the city of Sunderland. Not only has there been The Marathon of the North, half marathon, Sunderland City 10k and the charity zipwire off the Wearmouth Bridge this weekend, but there's been something great to support the lead-up to these events - and that is Sunderland Live's Feel Good Festival.

The Feel Good Festival was based around three events within the city and ended up being a huge hit for the City of Sunderland. The sunshine was out and the people of Sunderland and the North East had great fun. 

I'm going to write my blog posts on the event in 3 different posts as there was such a wide range of events and stalls to cover. So, firstly I will start with the Bridges - where  held a range of Health and Fitness themed activities.

Myself and Katy popped along to the Bridges to meet fellow bloggers Amy-Lauren, Libby, Aileen, Katie, Becca and Kayleigh. The fun kicked off straight away as Armageddon Fit began to blast out music and demonstrate one of their intense boot camp work-outs in the centre of the Bridges. 

For business purposes only.. honest.

As if it wasn't good enough watching the crazy workouts Armageddon Fit were doing, they then came out into the crowd and asked one of us to join in and do the exact same workout they'd just done.. And guess what? Amy did. You're my hero Amy.

Squat squat squat!


After Amy so bravely did the Armageddon challenge, we had a quick gander around the stalls in the Bridges including:
Forever Yours Health & Nutrition

 The lovely Katie and Libby

 The fitness challenges didn't stop there though, Sunderland Wellness Centres were giving away a free membership to the person most successful on the rowing machine..

So after the human machine's from Armageddon Fit had bossed the scores on the rower, we sent both Amy-Lauren and Libby to do the challenge!

Honestly, kudos to both of them!

Emma and Katy 

A local family who partook in the Big Mini Fun Run.

The Bridges also featured fun demonstrations from BActiveNBFit and Dance Jam.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the Bridges' part of the Feel Good Festival.

Stick around to see part two and three where we'll look at events at the Minster, Museum Winter Gardens and Mowbray Park's pasta party.


  1. Agh, the concentration on my face is so beautiful! I totally regret doing that today, I am aching all over!
    Excited for part 2 <3

    1. Actually, re-looking at this the man next to me looks just as knackered. Result!

    2. Heyy you did well! Especially seeing as you were wearing jeans too. You're my hero. xx