Monday, 29 April 2013

Marathon of the North: Pasta Party

Honestly, nothing makes me want to stay out after a long day than the two words: Pasta Party. The event was held at Mowbray Park from 5-7pm on Saturday evening. The Pasta Party was run by Asda, in order to prepare for the various races commencing the next day - Marathon of the North, the half marathon and the Sunderland City 10k.

The sunshine stayed out all evening too - but wait, there's more. As if pasta in the sunshine wasn't enough, there was a marquee with local talent playing live music for the mass crowd gathering at Mowbray Park. 

Guess what? All the excitement of sunshine, pasta and live music was topped off by the wonderful ball of cuteness aptly named Winston. Now, Winston was the celebrity of the Pasta Party as everywhere we went, he was being swarmed with girls (jealous, boys?)

Meet Winston the Pug:

After getting incredibly broody for a pug called Colin that can forever be best friends with Winston, we all totted over to the Marquee: drawn in by some very beautiful voices.

 After stuffing our faces with Tomato Pasta and Carbonara, a young girl from Sunderland stepped up to the stage.

This girl was 16-year old Olivia Lawson from Sunderland who sang so many beautiful songs that she had written herself and she blew the crowd away. Her voice was comparable to Lana Del Rey and blimey was she impressive!

There were more acts on after Olivia Lawson but unfortunately after a day full of beauty treatments, exercising and massages at Sunderland Live's Feel Good Festival, we were all worn out and decided to head home to prep for the next day of watching the marathon and the Wearmouth Bridge charity zipwire.

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