Sunday, 7 April 2013

Lets talk nails.


Just a quick post on nails. I've recently had mine done and I've now become obsessed with looking at what designs I'm going to get next. Getting my nails done is always a momentous occasion for me, as I've usually got horrible little stumps, that don't look pretty, nor ladylike. Not only that, but I rarely have money to spend on getting my nails done!

The lady I went to was just local to me and does the nails at her home. She's been doing nail-art and nails for around 3 years and some of her designs are absolutely adorable! As I'm the kinda girl who likes to be different - no, seriously, I can't stand having the same as everybody else - I decided to research different ideas on the internet, rather than using one of the many designs that she already does.

I printed a page full of pictures, filled with pastel nail colours, ice-cream nail-art, cupcake nail-art and all sorts of Summer-y ideas. This was the end result:

~ Pastel colours and an ice-cream on the ring finger~
(The thumb and middle finger are different colours)

I absolutely love them and have had soooo many compliments on them, it's unreal! Here are some other ideas I found whilst looking on Google/Weheartit that I intend to get in the future or just thought were generally amazing. Hopefully if you're stuck thinking about how to get your nails done, these can provide you with some ideas too:

 How cute are these Mexican sugar skull nails?!

I'm a sucker for polkadots and pastel colours. 

OMG. There are no words, do you think Tom Hardy would marry me if I got these?

Favourite colour at the moment and I love the rounded claw shape!

I was so close to getting these. Three words: I love Disney.

I loved how cute these little clouds looked! The nails remind me of the movie 'Up!'

Another favourite colour of mine, coral. These are so simple but so pretty at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and it gives you ideas for your own nails in the future!

Ciao xx


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    1. Eeeep cutie, thankyou so much. xx

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    1. Sounds lovely, shall have a gander. Thankyou xx

  3. if u love that peachy shade u need to invest in barry m's peach melba! xx

    1. Ooh thank you, I used to have that but never re-bought it! Thanks for reminding me xx