Friday, 22 March 2013

Okay, I'm quite sad to admit that I've only recently found out about this website - to think I could've had a personalised necklace with my name on for all this time?!

FunkyLaser are an online company specialising in laser cutting to make the most adorable and quirky handmade pieces - and frankly, I'm a little bit in love.

I've been scouring the website all day looking at what I can spend my next student loan on, because that's what a student loan is for, right?

Being an avid lover of tea (Yorkshire tea, of course), my eyes were drawn straight away to these little cute necklaces and charms:

If it was possible to marry a necklace...

Speaking of marriage, not only do FunkyLaser do amazing jewellery, they also do personalised cake toppers. You name it, they do it. So, when necklace and human marriage is legal, you can guess who's catering for the wedding decorations:

Aren't they amazing? Seriously. If I ever get married, FunkyLaser is my first choice.

They also do "Rows of Words" necklaces, so you can wear your favourite quote or song lyric around your neck. As I'm a big believer and lover of fairy tales, this is the necklace I would get made:

I added the shoe charm as a symbol of one of my all-time favourite Disney movies - Cinderella.
I would have the charm in a clear plastic to replicate the glass slipper and the writing in a glittery  pink to demonstrate the 'Fairytale' effect!

To design your own unique piece, go to FunkyLaser now. (Or on student loan day, like me!)
You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

Thanks for reading!

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