Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week favourites


I know its a wee bit late to be posting about Paris Fashion Week as it's passed now but I really need to do a "show and tell" of my favourite shows! Absolutely in love with the 'fairytale' theme which seemed to be floating amongst the designers this time around.

The first show which had me wanting to buy everything in sight was the Valentino show. (Why can't I just be famous so I can wear these pretty dresses to red carpet events?!)

There are simply no words for these dresses:

All three: Valentino.

The second to make me dance a little bit with excitement was the Elie Saab show. The outfits look so delicate and god damn pretty and I just really can't begin to tell you how smitten I am with the lacing and detail:

Both: Elie Saab

Last but not least, my final favourite show from Fashion Week was the Chanel show, of course. Similar to the Christian Dior show, they used a garden themed setting which added to the whole fairytale effect and lets face it, I'm a sucker for fairy tales.

The outfits in the Chanel show were pretty Gothic, which I'm also a bit of a sucker for (yes, that goth stage in high school is still inside me somewhere. It just got a bit classier.) The make-up played along with the Gothic theme too with black smudged eyes and muted lips:

 Cara Delevingne (just another reason the Chanel show was amazing.)

The outfits tended to stick to classic Chanel colours of black, white and red and included their classis tweed too. Here are some of my favourite outfits from Chanel's Haute Couture show:

Really. Karl Lagerfeld never fails to amaze me.

Thanks for reading, who were your favourite shows from Paris Fashion Week?

Ciao. xx

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