Friday, 6 July 2012

You will go to the ball..

So, its that time of year again where thousands upon thousands of girls are burning through their parent's money in hope of feeling like a princess for the day. And why shouldn't they? After all, a girl's prom day is now seen to be the second most important day of her life (incase you're not getting married because you're bitter like me. Then your prom is the nearest thing to a wedding day you're gonna get!) A week previously, I was reliving my year 11 prom with my younger step-sister, Holly. It brought back all the excitement of the lead-up to the Prom; and how special I felt getting pampered all day! 

So whilst I'm being all nostalgic, I thought I'd share a few photo's from my Prom back in 2010. It was a pretty crazy day in which "Look North" (A Yorkshire news team) ran around the house filming all of the girls getting ready for the big night!

 Chillin' in the garden! 
My dress is by a make called Unique Boutique on ASOS, but I got it from eBay for £50! Chuffed. Its my favourite dress in the world, and I'm just as much in love with it today as I was the day I laid eyes on it. Now, thats love!

The pearl and rose corsage my beautiful mummy had made for me as she couldn't be there on my prom day!
My bag is from irregular choice and I had the shoes to match :-)

A few of me and my friends in the garden!

This is me and Lewis, my prom date & probably the loveliest guy you will ever meet.

This is me and Jarran, one of my best boy friends! I'm aware we look more matching! (It wasn't planned, honest!)

Here's me and my Daddy in his rather dashing work clothes.

And here is the beautiful little blondie (not anymore) who I played Fairy Godmother for this year!
So fast-forward from 2010 to 2012, and here is my lovely step-sister Holly at her Prom this year looking all grown up...

Isn't she a cutie?
Hope you enjoyed this very nostalgic post!

Ciao xx


  1. Awww your dress is super cute and you look fab! Hope you had a lovely prom :)

    1. Thankyou!! I think I enjoyed the lead-up to the Prom rather than the actual event but it was still fun! xx

  2. My prom was two years ago too! Feels very strange, it only feels like yesterday! Hope your sister had a lovely prom, her dress is gorgeous :)


    1. Ah, I know, tell me about it! & she did, thank you! She looked very beautiful! xx