Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Coral, dreaming of you...

See what I did there? ;-)

Okay, this one's gonna be a quickie! I went to London over the weekend and had a really amazing time, I went to see the Wizard of Oz and Shrek the Musical and both of them were absolutely incredible, I was singing away like a little child! Back to the title, I went on the hunt for a perfect coral lipstick, as I had bought a £1 one from MUA (Shade 16) to test if I would actually suit the colour! So, when fighting for oxygen in the Oxford Street Topshop, I reached the make-up section and just stood staring at the array of colours... After swatching the three orangey/coral's on show, Charmed, Infrared and Ooh La La, I decided to buy Infrared.

Ooh La La



Now, when I look at these I can't help but ask why?! I've been far too influenced by Infrared as so many blogger's have hyped it up and yes, it does look perfect on them but as for me, no. Infrared is very much more of a red colour, rather than a coral. I have more red lipsticks than the red lipstick factory and did not need another adding to the collection, nevertheless it is a lovely colour and does have an orangey tone in the sunlight, but I think, its maybe a little too bright for me. I want a soft coral, more like Charmed or Ooh La La but they didn't seem to come out as nice in the swatches. Here is Infrared on my lips:

It looks quite orangey here, but appears to be very bright in daylight!

Therefore, I'm still on the look out for 'the one'.
Please help me find it! 
Much love <3


  1. Replies
    1. Thankyou! I'm just not sure about it, I think I'll save it for a sunny day! xx

  2. Looks great on you :) I have oh la la and charmed and really like them both, but will probably only whip them out during the summer xx

    1. Thanks! :D & yeah, Infrared seems to be growing on me, I lightly applied it today and it came out in a nice coral colour! xx

  3. I've never really worn a coral lipstick, I think it looks great! x

    1. Me either until this year! Thankyou sweetie :-) xx

  4. I just bought Infrared yesterday and it is gorgeous but very bright (as you said). My boyfriend said I looked (deadly) pale wearing it but I still love it anyway. Was so tempted to get the others too hehe.