Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mini haul!

Good evening!

I went shopping today as I've been feeling a little down lately due to getting exam results last Thursday. I passed all my exams nevertheless, but one of my grade's I was less than happy with! Though, there has been a lot of positives recently too! I GOT A SCHOLARSHIP FOR UNI - which means, when I move into my accommodation, they will reduce the overall fee by £500. Therefore, I'll be living on a lot more than first planned and I'm no longer worried about having to eat 10p home brand noodles for the duration of my student life! Also, I'm going to an applicant open day for Journalism & PR this Wednesday (14th March) at my chosen University, so my Mum can have a look around with me and we can take measurements of my room; as I need to start planning where the hell I'm going to fit all my clothes & shoes!  Speaking of clothes, here's what I picked up today in the midst of my retail therapy:

 Rainbow Arrow Tank - New Look £12.99

 Denim Shorts - New Look £19.99


A little explanation, I've wanted some vintage Levi shorts for an ungodly amount of time, and I've been into the Rokit in London and I just cannot find the perfect pair. So, when I was scouting through New Look today, I spotted these on the off chance and thought I'd try them on. Now, despite me having pretty damn chunky thighs, I thought they suited me and I liked the fact that they were high-waisted. I will be looking in Rokit when I go down to London again at the end of the month, but for now I think these will be my new bottoms to wear! Also, as its been sunny recently in England (I know, its a miracle), I decided to 'inject' some colour into my wardrobe, as its absolutely jam-packed with black clothes and thick jumpers, so I went for the tank top and also bought this number...

Blue Leopard Print tee - Next Staff Shop £2
If you've never heard of a Next 'staff shop', its where people who work for Next (or stores linked with Next) can go and buy clothing that has been sent back from various Next high street shops, generally with something wrong with them, for example, a missing button or a tiny make-up mark on the top. Luckily, when I bought this top it was a sample, that would've probably been used for a catalogue image. Therefore, there is actually NOTHING wrong with it, so not only did I get a lovely new colourful top, I also got it at a super-discounted price. I can't say how much this is originally but at a guess I'd say around the £20 mark, so I was very happy to get it at 10% of the price. If you know anyone who works for Next, get them to take you to the nearest Staff Shop, you're missing out! Heres some Jewellery I got from there too:
Spiked Bracelet - 50p, Stack'em Rings - 50p for all of them - Next Staff Shop
The Pandora bracelet was purchase a few years ago for my 15th.

Just another thing I got, which is a bit boring but completely necessary! 
 Jeggings - New Look £12.99
Seriously, the comfiest jegging's EVER.

If you're still reading, kudos!
Thank you and have a happy Sunday!
Ciao :]


  1. Well done on the scholarship, thats amazing!
    Love the demin shorts, I'm on the look out for a pair :)

    1. Thankyou, I'm so chuffed with it!
      Try Rokit, I've been down in London this weekend and they had some amazing ones. xxx