Thursday, 16 February 2012


Wow, I've been extremely slacking on the blog front and want to make it up now! Since Christmas, my life has been one big rollercoaster! I'm in the final year of doing A Levels, and I had 4 exams in January, in Media, English Combined, Law and Psychology, amounting to 9 hours of being sat in a freezing exam hall. As of now, I think I've done quite well in them, hopefully well enough to get into Uni because....I'VE RECEIVED MY SUNDERLAND OFFER! YAY. Therefore, as of September 2012, I shall be studying Fashion Journalism at Sunderland University (if all goes well) and I literally cannot wait to be living even further 'up north' and to be living so close to the place of nightlife - that is Newcastle; as my recent guilty pleasure is Geordie Shore.

Anyway, to put me in good stead for my course and obviously to keep myself entertained, I'm going to try and blog a lot more because I've been an avid reader (and watcher) of all these beauty and fashion bloggers for about two years now and I figured its about time I put my brave face on and tried it myself! So, here goes. Enjoy this picture of me being lanky!

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