Thursday, 16 February 2012

Love is in the air

Good day!

So, on Tuesday it was Valentines day, of course. I haven't had much money to play around with this year so I thought; rather than buying my boyfriend a tonne of stuff that he might not appreciate, I'll get creative and make the day a lot more personal. I used Eatdrinkchic's 'cosy night in' printables recommended to blog-readers in Gem Fatale's post and they turned out amazing. I found this popcorn box template online and this is the end product!

I also got my wooden spoon out and whipped up a Love Hearts cake:

Needless to say, I was a very busy bee before Valentines Day and my hard-work must have paid off cause we had a lovely day and night!

I hope everyone else had a lovely day, whether you were with your boyfriend/girlfriend, with friends, family, or even alone! Now for the next important holiday, PANCAKE DAY!



  1. This is so cute!!
    I wish my Valentine's was so romantic and cute!!!
    Hope you had an amazing time!!

    xoxo, maria

    1. Aww :') Thankyou, I did put quite a lot of effort in this year and it seemed to make it a lot more personal and 'lovey dovey'.