Sunday, 18 September 2011

Pigeons & Peacocks

So, recently I've been looking into Universities to apply to. I want to a course in Fashion Journalism and found that London College of Fashion (Oxford St.) does this course, getting all excited I ordered the college magazine.
On Friday afternoon I returned home to see a wrapped up package with this fantastic looking front cover staring back at me!
Within the magazine, there's various shoots from vintage style to future/retro fashions, as stated in the magazine header. I really enjoyed reading through the interviews within the magazine and looking at the students work they had created. Hopefully, I'll be doing that soon enough!

Moving on, as I was browsing the internet today I decided to do a bit of internet 'window' shopping, and found myself looking through the 'Rokit recycled' section on Rokit's website. For those who do not know, Rokit is a vintage shop selling all sorts of unique and well-priced items. I absolutely fell in love with some old Levi shorts that'd been adapted with a floral patch within the pocket.
Words cannot even express how much I love these shorts & despite the fact we're going into winter, I  think they'd look lovely with some thick woolly tights and brogues. The only problem for me is (being a cheap student and all) I cannot afford the shorts right now, so I'm going to have to wait till payday, which seems a lifetime away when you have your eye on a particular item.

Thankyou for reading!! <3

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