Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cosmic Love

Hey guys!
I've been searching around the internet shopping world recently and found some leggings that I absolutely adore, although they retail at around $70 which is around £50. Although, I start my new job tomorrow so will begin saving!
I know they're a bit quirky, but I'm one of those people that doesn't really care about people's opinions on how I dress. If I like it, I'm happy. The print on the leggings is just beautiful, and being a secret space geek myself I just have to have them! 
They're sold on the online store Black Milk, who do many other different colours in this style legging.
I think they'd go really well with some Jeffrey Campbell litas (oh, to be rich) and an oversized black jumper.

Just a little blog post for you on my wishlist updates!
Ciao <3


  1. LOVE those leggings and Lita's are just classics now! xx

    1. Too true, if I could I'd have a pair of Lita's in every design! xx

  2. OMFFFFGGGG those leggings are to die for!!!!
    obsessed with those, need them in my closet!!

    xoxo, maria

    1. Get them! Go for it :D I'll just sit here being super jealous! xx